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Little Folkies Teachers 


Kelly McFarling

Kelly McFarling is a singer-songwriter in the Bay Area and has been teaching with Little Folkies for the past 4 years. She plays an energetic blend of Banjo and Guitar and loves to laugh with her students. Kelly grew up playing folk music and singing in the church choirs, baseball stadiums and coffee houses of Atlanta, GA. She received her M.A in Music and English at Wesleyan University with a focus on vocal performance and creative writing. For the past 12 years, she has been a fixture in the Bay Area Music scene, fronting a six-piece alt-country band, and releasing 4 albums of original material. Kelly’s soothing soulful voice and playful energy have made her classes a favorite in San Francisco and Mill Valley.


Irena Eide - owner and creator of little folkies

Irena Eide is the owner and creator of Little Folkies and is also the composer of most of the songs in the Little Folkies curriculum. Irena has been teaching and developing the Little Folkies program for the past decade. She has written over 46 popular folk and bluegrass songs for children, all featured in the classes and performances. Irena has performed and taught music to kids and adults in the Bay Area for over a decade, and toured throughout the US. Irena still teaches on and off in the Bay Area and performs with The Little Folkies Family Band or solo depending on the gig. She always engages her audience both young and old with sing along songs, finger play, dance and just downright good music. Irena is also a songwriter and performs with her band Rainy Eyes.

Sarah glass pic.jpg

Sarah Ann Glass

Sarah began playing piano when she was just three years old learning under the Suzuki method developed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. Musical training mainly by ear at such a young age allowed Sarah to teach herself many instruments later in life, including the harp, guitar, banjo, drums, ukulele, and singing! Sarah has worked musically with children all over the world, from India to South Africa to
California. She has a background in many types of music ranging from Ghanaian drumming to Indonesian Gamelan to acoustic folk guitar. Sarah received degrees in Psychology & Music from Tufts University, and studied the profound and wonderful affects music has on the mind, development, and health of both children and adults.

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Laura Weinbach

Laura of indie art-pop group Foxtails Brigade, and French-cafe/jazz combo Laura & Anton has had a stake in the Bay Area music scene for 10 years having toured Europe and the US, sharing stages with countless bands from the likes of Tune Yards, Bombino, Jane Birkin, Pomplamoose, and more. Laura studied classical guitar for 8 years and music theory at UC Santa Cruz before venturing into original compositions and now in addition to touring and recording, she enjoys sharing her experience with others as a private teacher and as a new Little Folkies class leader. She is delighted to connect with her love of sweet down-to-earth folk songs in joining the Little Folkies collective and so excited to play music in the magical company of kids and families.



Sarah Rose is a songwriter and visual artist who has been sharing her love of the arts with youth since 2003. Dedicated to the idea that art helps us grow, she has taught and led workshops in San Rafael, New York, New Orleans, Kuala Lumpur, and Oakland. This will be her first semester at Little Folkies and she looks forward to singing together every week in a cozy circle in our socks.


Kim Kylland

Kim has over 10 years of experience teaching instrumental music, theory, and performance to individuals of all ages. With a degree in music composition and recording technology from the prestigious Mills College, Kim has also apprenticed as a music therapist in hospice care facilities, taught early childhood music education, facilitated group/private lessons, and worked with special needs children to help improve communication skills and academic performance. In addition to teaching, Kim has also been a touring musician for more than 15 years, written songs for moving picture and commercial spots, and has most recently built a career as a location sound mixer for film and TV.

Kim will be teaching Little Folkies in Los Angeles beginning August 2019.