Little Folkies  
Music Classes For Kids and Parents who love real music

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This is not your average music class. Little Folkies masterfully delight children and adults alike with their Guthrie-inspired family favorites. We absolutely love going to music class as a family, and our 4-year-old and our 2-year-old are equally entranced-- in class and out. On pretty much a daily basis, we get requests for 'Rocketship', 'Froggy' or 'Momma'. As a parent, I love that our kids get exposure to real music and musicians, and an education in American folk music without really even knowing it.

Sara B. Noe Valley parent.

"Little Folkies is the highlight of our week.  I'm not sure who's the bigger fan - my son or me.  The quality of the music and the classroom experience is really outstanding.  You can immediately sense the love and expertise that has gone into creating such a special music class for children. As my son loves to sing every morning, "Four, three, two, one...BLAST OFF!!"

Caroline K., Parent, Noe Valley