good folk music nurtures creativity.

Little Folkies is a purely acoustic folk music class for parents and kids ages 0-5, with classes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, taught by talented local musicians and teachers.
 We carry on the tradition of our folk heros Woody Guthrie, Ella Jenkins, Pete Seeger and many others, who played and performed good child-inspired, parent-friendly kids folk music enjoyable by children and parents alike! Our song collection changes with the seasons, and every semester feature beautiful, fun and engaging original and traditional folk songs.

Folk songs are for the people, by the people, and they are meant to be sung by anyone. We encourage you to sing with your natural voice. Every human can sing and if you forgot how, we'll show you!
 Children respond positively to sincerity and a natural presence, and loves their parents voice more than anything. Here at Little Folkies we teach a wide repertoire of old and new folk songs to sing through the most important years of childhood. Old songs that have been passed down through generations, and new songs so good they will be sung by generations to come.
Our classes promotes community and provides a safe place for children and grown-ups to sing, dance, play and explore together every week. The teachers encourage participation, and younger children watch the grown-ups and the bigger kids who gets the opportunity to be a teacher to the littler ones. A beautiful way of learning together and growing and strengthening our human connection. Music is at the core of every human being, and no matter what musical experience you have coming to class, you will surely be singing in no time here at Little Folkies.
The best music is the music you make yourself!

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