Little Folkies is an award-winning music class for parents and children ages 0-5 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Drop in to the Little Folkies summer session, and click here for the fall 2018 schedule! 

little folkies

 Folk music group classes for parents/caregivers and children ages 0-5. Learn a seasonal repertoire of folk songs for children, each song accompanied by finger play, rhythmic play or dance. The class follows a perfect arc that keeps the little ones engaged throughout. We end with an instrument jam on wooden percussion and melodic instruments like xylophones and accordions for kids.

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kids ukulele

 Check out our ukulele classes for preschoolers. The classes are pure fun, and teaches the five musical elements of rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony and dynamics through lots of musical games and activities, which helps build a foundation for the child’s musical competence.

View our fall 2018 schedule here. 


Make your next party a day to remember with some fun folkie music for the whole family. Kids and grown-ups of all ages enjoy this groovy music session. Choose from different packages, including a 40-minute class, fiddle duo or the full Little Folkies Family Band.

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 The Little Folkies Family Band concerts are super fun and engaging for the whole family. The band plays Little Folkies favorites and features different instruments like guitar, fiddle, banjo, bass, and more. It's a hoot and unforgettable experience for kids and adults alike.

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We're so excited to make music with you this fall!


Our fall 2018 schedule is up and running! And, for our Berkeley students, click here to sign up with an early bird discount for $35 off the session!