Nourishing music for mother and child.

Little Folkies is a folk music class for children ages 0-5 and their grown-ups. The classes are mixed ages with babies, toddlers preschoolers, parents, grandparents and caregivers all getting together every week and singing together like one big family! After the first few weeks the students gets more and more comfortable and familiar with the music and by the end of the semester everyone is singing along and doing the movement to the songs. Even the little ones join in and although some may be shy in class they’ll usually sing the songs like nobody’s watching in the comfort of their home. The sound of everyone's voices ringing together and the sweet, gentle and simple songs with lyrics easy enough for baby and
grandma to sing along to is soothing to the child and

creates positive early musical memories for them which they’ll carry with them throughout their life. Here at Little Folkies we share the knowledge that music is at the core of every human being, and we believe that all children should experience genuine, heart felt, acoustic music making which will increase their musical confidence and give them a healthy relationship to music right from the start.
With no expectation, no judgement and love for all, our multi-talented teachers bring everyone to song and guide the grown-ups with their little ones with tips for how to do the song with the babies and engaging conversation with the older kids. There is a place for every child at little folkies, and there is never a dull moment in a little folkies class. The teacher leads the students through a fun and engaging arc incorporating finger play, hand movement, fun lap song activities, call and response singing and hands-on jamming with shakers and wooden kids instruments. The songs sung in class are the well-loved Little Folkies originals by Irena Eide and a hand-picked selection of beautiful and unique folk songs for children.

Check out our new rates and class offerings below!  Select the option that works best for your busy Summer schedule!
We highly encourage you to enroll for the whole semester to get the full benefits of the class. Classes fill up fast so sign up now for the class time of your choice!

enroll for the 12 week summer semester:

$220 for returning students
$255 for new student
$215 per additional siblings

What you get:

  • guaranteed spot in your favorite class time

  • Classes are pro-rated weekly!

  • unlimited make-ups

  • 20% off cd/book and event tickets

  • you'll build a community and friendships with other folkie parents and children

  • and over the course of the semester you and your little ones will learn the words and movement to a huge repertoire of great songs to sing for a lifetime to come.

10 class Drop-In Flexi pass:

$215 for a 10 class pass - flexi pass can be purchased in class from teacher

What you get:

  • the flexibility of dropping in to any class
    (as long as it's not marked full on our schedule)

  • re-fill flexi pass any time, and give it as a gift to a friend

  • buy multiple drop-ins and save money

single drop-in:

$25 for first student
$20 for additional siblings

What you get:

  • the flexibility of dropping in to any class
    (as long as it's not marked full on our schedule)