Preschool Policies and rates

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One group: $75 per week ($900/12 weeks)

Two groups: $65 per group ($1560/12 weeks)

Three groups: $55 per group ($1980/12 weeks)

Four groups: $50 per group ($2400/12 weeks)


  • Rates above are for a 12 week contract

  • Additional fees are applied for shorter semesters

  • Try out a month before committing

  • Classes must be consecutive. 2 or 3 in a row on the same day with a 5 minute break in between each class

  • The Little Folkies teacher brings instruments to the school

  • Maximum of 15 students per single group and a maximum of 12 students per multi-group session. If the school has 16 kids, that must be split into two back to back classes. Often schools will do 3 classes in a row, babies, toddlers then preschoolers

  • Back-to-back classes are 30 minutes each (Single group classes are 40 minutes)

  • There must be at least one teacher supervising per group throughout the whole music session

  • We ask that two or more adults are present during baby and toddler classes to maximize the children's experience and help manage the classroom.