More Parents Testimonials

 "Irena is nothing we expected and everything we could have hoped for in a music teacher... We've followed her over the past three seasons to attend classes on different days, at different times and even locations, all in an effort in to grant our 2 year old's weekly request to "See Irena!" Having experienced her class over several seasons at different times/locations we can speak to the joyful, spontaneous, energetic, non-judgmental presence Irena consistently brings to each session. Through her unbridled love of (all kinds of) music she sets a wonderful, inclusive example that encourages each participant to find their own voice and rhythm. She also possesses a ready laugh that helps each of us see the humor in the most human aspects of finding our way musically.' Her informal, playful, uninhibited demeanor coaxes even the more reluctant little (and big!) ones out of their shells. Some of us stumble, some are light on our feet; some are tone-deaf; some in tune -- but Irena creates a space where all are welcome and safe to be who they are. If Irena can dance in front of the group, I can too! If Irena can sing in front of the group, so can I! The lyrics to "Make your own kind of music, sing your own kind of song" come to mind... and what environment could be better for a child? Periodically, we've sent one of our parents or our nanny to take our place with our son at Irena's class. All came away equally charmed. After meeting Irena for the first time our nanny remarked, "I've been to a lot of music classes over the years -- hers is the best." We could go on, but believe the above captures the essentials of what makes Irena someone we will still talk about around our house..."

Christopher + Ken - Noe Valley Parents

"Irena is an amazing music teacher! She has a wonderful curriculum that incorporates singing, movement, and instrument playing; it gives the children many different ways to learn, love, and feel music. Not only does Irena have catchy songs that she plays with a guitar, she has made the words of the songs repetitive so the children can pick them up very easily. The music classes are very age appropriate with a lot of the children's involvement, ideas, and input. Irena makes music class fun!"

Sarah S. - Polkadots Preschool, Glen Park

"We credit Little Folkies with helping to grow our daughters' love of music, singing, and dancing. Every class is full of catchy songs and fun activities that bring the music to life.The songs are ones that parents won't mind singing over and over. They are a brilliant mix of American Folk and the best elements of kids' music. A country-tinged dinosaur song, a stomping rocketship chant, and a ballad about a lonely owl are among our family's favorites. Even as our girls get exposed to new music elsewhere, they still sing these songs. Little Folkies is one of the best kids' activities we've found in San Francisco."

Evan - Noe Valley Parent

"This is not your average music class. Little Folkies masterfully delight children and adults alike with their Guthrie-inspired family favorites. We absolutely love going to music class as a family, and our 4-year-old and our 2-year-old are equally entranced-- in class and out. On pretty much a daily basis, we get requests for 'Rocketship', 'Froggy' or 'Momma'. As a parent, I love that our kids get exposure to real music and musicians, and an education in American folk music without really even knowing it."

Sara B. - Noe Valley Parent

"When I asked my 3 year old son what he loves most about music class he said, "The instruments!" The Little Folkies big kid class introduces children to new instruments in such a fun way that the children are always excited to learn about & hear them. When we listen to music my son is always pointing out the various instruments he hears. He also loves to play new instruments. In the Little Folkies classes the songs are catchy & beautiful, the teachers are engaging, and the class is so fun that I know my children are developing a true appreciation for music."

Julie L. - Noe Valley Parent

"Irena is wonderful! She is fun and energetic. She engages really well with all the children in the class (how she remembers all their names is beyond me). She is clearly talented and enjoys what she is doing. Her spirit and curiosity are infectious. The class is a lot of fun, and all the while I am learning how to help my daughter enjoy music all the more. I have signed us up for the next class and am really looking forward to continuing."

Leslie B. - Noe Valley Parent

"Irena is a magnificent teacher - she has a fabulous energy that draws the kids in and gets them moving and singing."

R.W. - Berkeley Parent


"We just wanted you to know how much we LOVE Irena. She is fantastic with all the kids and all the different personalities. The class goes by so fast because the flow to it is so smooth and fun. My daughter Ella... relaxed in the class and because of that is able to take in the music..... there's a certain special energy Irena puts forth. She loves her job, which as a parent means so much to me."

Molly - Glen Park Parent

"I want to give a rare review for Irena. I rarely provide this type of feedback but really feel like she deserves it. Everyone really enjoys her class. The kids really get into the songs."

Elizabeth W. - Berkeley Parent

"I work in education (though at the college level) with a wide range of skilled, creative instructors and Irena embodies the key attributes anyone would want in the person leading their classroom. Though I know she works hard, she injects such a natural joy into her work it all appears effortless -- no small feat given the fact that half the members of her audience can neither speak nor walk, and the other half often feel a little dorky singing "Shoo fly, don't bother me!' in front of their peers! I hope she continues to find musical/creative outlets and growth opportunities that challenge and expand her many talents. We were honored to be part of Irena's class and will send anyone who asks us... her way."

Christopher - Noe Valley Parent

"Irena brings music to my child's preschool and always engages the children in singing, acting out and even playing along with the songs. She incorporates lyrics the children make up which contributes greatly to them seeing their ideas as valuable. Dont miss her!"

Barbara M - One Big Sky Preschool, Oakland