Little Folkies String Band Jam


The Little Folkies String Band jam class is for young children ages 3-6 who have outgrown the mixed age classes but are still too young for private lessons. The class incorporates songs from the Little Folkies repertoire, and the children also sing and play familiar folk songs on the ukulele. Students learn one to two chords, which goes a long way, and while playing they learn how to keep a steady rhythm, listen and play along with the other kids while gaining confidence as musicians. They are also exposed to other instruments in the folk music genre, including the banjo, guitar, fiddle, and mandolin.

The classes are pure fun, but have an educational element to it and teaches the five musical elements rhythm, pitch, melody, harmony and dynamics through lots of musical games and activities which helps build a foundation for the child’s musical competence. Students learn basic note values and musical symbols through drawing, playing, moving and throughout the class there will be a lot of ukulele jamming! The little ones must be accompanied by an adult during class.