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"Little Folkies is a music class not to be missed. Brilliant, seasonally oriented and original compositions will delight your little one with engaging lyrics, melodies, and rhythms. Before you know it, you'll be stomping your feet and roaring like a lion with the same enthusiasm as your kids! Little Folkies is the apotheosis of music classes for children. In short, just go. You and your kids are in for a fantastic time!"

Andrew & Kelly -Mill Valley Parents

"Our daughter can't stop talking about going to music class. She has been in the class on Church the past few semesters and loves it.  You guys even inspired our nanny to take guitar lessons!" 

Debbie L. - Noe Valley Parent

"This music class is an unforgettable experience. The owner/creator Irena has such a passion and incredible talent for writing beautiful songs, and the classes she creates around her catalogue of music are captivating and so much fun! In addition to Irena, this place is staffed by some of the most talented bay area musicians you can find, which makes every class unique. Little Folkies is a perfect way to have fun with your little one, in a relaxed, warm, and organic musical environment. Plus from my experience, the music performed in LF classes is something that parents and caretakers love as well. You won't find any annoying/cheesy kids music here....only lovely folky ballads and stories set to music that will be stuck in your head all week :)I would highly recommend checking out one of the many bay area locations to experience a class for yourself!"

"Thank you so much for attending our two year old's birthday party and leading a wonderful song circle. It was basically her dream come true to have Little Folkies at her house! She had so much fun! We have been enjoying Little Folkies for about a year and a half now, it's such a great concept with great songs! Thank you for sharing your talent with us."

M.L - Berkeley Parent

"I asked my almost three year old daughter to describe the music of Little Folkies, and she said, “It makes me feel happy.” The original songs weave an idyllic country landscape of rolling hills, enchanted animals and imaginary journeys. Their music captures the ineffable delight and wonder of childhood, but it’s not solely for children. It’s music for families – music to be loved, sang and remembered by all, for lifetimes. The classes bring the genuine sentiment of their music to life, with abundant singing-along, dancing, clapping and stomping. These happenings are as beloved by my child as they are by me. The spirit of their sound is best summed up by one of their lyrics,“ all join in and gather round while we make that joyful sound.”

Paula H. - San Leandro Mother and Child

"Little Folkies is the highlight of our week. I'm not sure who's the bigger fan - my son or me. The quality of the music and the classroom experience is really outstanding. You can immediately sense the love and expertise that has gone into creating such a special music class for children. As my son loves to sing every morning, "Four, three, two, one...BLAST OFF!!"

Caroline K. - Noe Valley Parent

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