Little Folkies Teachers


Kelly McFarling

Kelly McFarling is a favorite among the little folkies in her classes. She's got a beautiful voice, and is playful, peaceful and energetic.  In addition to being a Little Folkies teacher she is also a notorized performer and songwriter and has been traveling extensively back and forth across the country performing with her band. Visit to hear her music.


Sam Smetana

Sam is a gentle, sweet and playful soul. He grew up in the state of Montana, and started playing a little classical guitar when he was nine, listened to folk music with his parents most nights at the dinner table, and spent his teen years touring around the country in a rock band with some best friends. He studied Music at UC Berkeley, and he now spends his time teaching private guitar lessons, writing, recording, and performing.



Sandy Lindop

Sandy has been playing music with children of all ages for almost two years. It has become her one of her greatest joys. She was classically trained as a child, both in voice and piano, and while she still honors her classical background, she enjoys the freedom of musical expression that is found in jazz and folk. She performs locally with her group, The Muted Jewel Tones. Sandy is available for private piano and voice lessons for both children and adults as well as beginner ukulele and guitar.


Sarah Ann Glass

Sarah began playing piano when she was just three years old learning under the Suzuki method developed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. Musical training mainly by ear at such a young age allowed Sarah to teach herself many instruments later in life, including the harp, guitar, banjo, drums, ukulele, and singing!
Sarah has worked musically with children all over the world, from India to South Africa to California. She has a background in many types of music ranging from Ghanaian drumming to Indonesian Gamelan to acoustic folk guitar.
Sarah received degrees in Psychology & Music from Tufts University, and studied the profound and wonderful affects music has on the mind, development, and health of both children and adults.


David Pascoe

David Pascoe is a singer and multi-instrumentalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a fiddler and mandolinist, he has brought his explosive improvisational style to bluegrass groups such as The Good Bad and Bad Apple String Band, as well as multiple solo acts, including Kalei Yamanoha (Oddjob Ensemble), Michael Sallstrom (Solström), Hanna Haas, and Jessica Malone. He was the winner of the 2014 Open Mic Big Stage Competition at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, CT, where he later opened for newgrass legend Sam Bush. His debut solo album, Ordinary Florist, will reawaken your powers of observation. His newest project, Late for the Train, is a folk collaboration with singer and multi-instrumentalist Laura Benson.