The Little Folkies Teachers


Kelly McFarling
Kelly McFarling is a favorite among the little folkies in her classes. She's got a beautiful voice, and is playful, peaceful and energetic.  In addition to being a Little Folkies teacher she is also a notorized performer and songwriter and has been traveling extensively back and forth across the country performing with her band. Visit to hear her music.


Sarah Glass
Sarah began playing piano when she was just three years old learning under the Suzuki method developed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. Sarah plays harp, guitar, banjo, drums, ukulele, and sing!
She has worked musically with children all over the world, from India to South Africa to California. 
Sarah received degrees in Psychology & Music from Tufts University.



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Thomas Getty
 Thomas discovered his love for banjo playing and folk song singing upon moving to Berkeley. He began busking around the Bay Area, singing traditionals, old hymns, and folk songs from Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Little Folkies has provided him an opportunity to bring people together in song, creating space for wonder, play, creativity, and union.


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