Little Folkies Preschool Program

Throughout the semester the students develop basic music competence and learn about music fundamentals: rhythm, pitch, dynamics, harmony and musical notation through song, games, and musical activities.

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The Little Folkies preschool program is a weekly music class for day cares, preschools and nursery schools.

The talented Little Folkies teachers play the guitar and other instruments like banjo, fiddle, ukulele and more and teach the songs from the Little Folkies collection which incorporate finger-play, hand-movement, dance, rhythmic play, and instrument jamming on wooden kids instruments.

The classes feature the all-acoustic, original music by Little Folkies creator Irena Eide and traditional folk and bluegrass songs for children. The songs are not your usual “wheels on the bus" but rather a large collection of folk tunes for children centered on nature, animal life and all the wonders of the world. Movement accompanies each song so the children are always using their hands, feet, and voices. The teacher continually engages the students and encourages participation through song, play, call and response, movement and repetition. The 30/40-minute session follows the Little Folkies class format and ends with a hands-on folkie jam with children sized wooden instruments, percussion, xylophones, accordions and more.