Music are our roots

Our Philosophy & Mission

Music is such an important part of a child's early days, and the more positive musical experiences we share with them early on, the stronger their foundation is for musical competence later in life.
There is so much to learn from a little song, and the connection made between baby and parent through music and singing is one that will only strengthen and build a loving, trusting relationship throughout life.

Here at Little Folkies we nurture the love for music that we all have, and inspire young families to sing and play. We LOVE music, and enjoy discovering and sharing new and old songs along with rhythmic dance and movement, silliness, musical games and fun activities that promotes musical confidence in the little ones as well as the adults.

Our highest priority is quality over quantity, and for the music in class to be as fun and inspiring to the parents as it is to the child. We have a new collection of music for each season, with a wide repertoire of original and traditional folk, old-time and bluegrass songs for children.

Each song is accompanied by finger play, hand movement, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, dancing, or instrument jamming. There is never a dull moment during the 40-minute class, our goal is for every person to leave elated and invigorated with melodies and tunes ringing fresh in their mind as class members go about with their day. Music is within us all, and it brings happiness into our lives and brightens the day, rain or shine. Come let out your music at your local Little Folkies class! 
We also strive to make the classes and the music accessible and available to everyone by offering a scholarship program and community classes when we can.

We welcome all races, all religions
all countries of origin, all sexual orientations
all genders <3


Little Folkies Scholarships

Little Folkies is a small, family-owned music program with a love and a mission for bringing music to little ones in our community. If you’d like to attend our classes but cost is a factor, please click here to apply for a reduced rate through our scholarship form.