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Little Folkies is an award-winning folk music class for children that features over original tunes written by creator Irena Eide. Our performances feature finger play, hand movement, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, singing along, and dancing, all to special songs that connect us back to our roots.

At Little Folkies we nurture the love for music that we all have, and inspire young families to sing and play. There is never a dull moment at our performances, and our goal is for every person to leave elated and invigorated with melodies and tunes ringing fresh in their mind.

The Little Folkies Family Band regularly perform large-scale concerts at Sweetwater Music Hall and Noe Valley Ministry, bringing 150-200 people to our shows. Creator Irena Eide also plays regular, solo pop up performances at spaces such as Charlie’s Corner and Children’s Book World, and special events like the Dropbox Festival.



contact: Maryjane Wheeler, Business and Booking Manager

phone: +1 417 860 6084



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