Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a demo class before signing up?

We occasionally offer free, special demo classes at the beginning of a semester, but if you're itching to sign up you can always do a drop-in before committing to the full session.  <a href=""> Click here to sign up for a drop in. </a>
Do you pro-rate the classes if we sign up for the semester late?
Yes! Classes are automatically prorated every week on our website.

What's a Flexi-Pass?
The flexi-pass gives you the flexibility of dropping in to any class at a discounted drop-in rate. 10 classes for $280. The flexi-pass does not expire and can be used during any semester.

Learn more about the flexi-pass here.

What are the semester dates for 2018?
Little Folkies Fall 2018: 9/4 - 12/8 (with Thanksgiving break) in Noe Valley & Mill Valley. Berkeley is 9/8 - 12/13 (with Thanksgiving break).
Little Folkies Winter 2019: 1/8 - 3/30
Little Folkies Spring 2019: 4/2 - 6/29
Can we do a drop-in?

Yes! You can also buy a Little Folkies 10 class drop in flexi-pass. Drop-in classes are offered at all locations and on a first come, first serve basis until the class is full. Drop-in class rates are $30 per student, drop-in sibling is $28. Sign up in advance for your drop-in.

How do I register for the full semester?
We offer Little Folkies in Mill Valley, Noe Valley, and Berkeley. You can find our class schedule for all of our locations here. Use the filters on the left hand side to make your search easier! Once you find the best location and time for you, click on the class of your choice and follow the prompts to register. Registration is confirmed upon receipt of payment.
We missed a class, can we make up on another day?
Of course! In fact, enrolled students get three make-ups each session. On the first day of class, we will provide you with a promo code and instructions for scheduling make-ups. It’s not possible to transfer make-ups to another semester (unless you have a cancelled class credit), or to siblings or friends.

I am trying to register and it's asking me for a second choice, what if I can only make one class time?
We do our very best to make sure everyone gets their first class choice, but in the case that your first class choice does not receive adequate enrollment, you will receive a low enrollment notification the week before the semester starts. Usually we'll run a small class the first week, and if we do not get enough folks by the second week of the session, we'll transfer you to your second class choice.
Can I take pictures of my child in class?
Yes, we just ask that you don't film due to privacy and copyright reasons, and that you keep your cell phone in your pocket (on silent) or outside the class room for the duration of class.
Can I film my child in class?
Yes, we have changed our policy and you can discretely take one or two quick videos, and please send us the videos so we can post on our social media or tag us in any posts!
Can I bring the newborn along with my older child?

Tag-along babies under five months at the beginning of semester can come for free when attending with an older registered sibling, even if they turn six months during the semester. Any child older than five months at the start of the semester must be a registered student.
My baby is only a few months old, can I sign them up for class?
Why yes! Our smallest students are as young as 3 months old. Bring a blanket for your baby and hold them close while you sing and learn a wide repertoire of songs to share with your little one throughout their childhood.
Can I cancel my enrollment?
We are happy to give you credit for a future Little Folkies semester, but we do not offer refunds. Credited monies must be used within 6 months of cancellation, but can be extended under special circumstances. Certain class times offered may be cancelled due to under-enrollment. In this case, you will be transferred to your second choice class.
What happens if a class gets cancelled one week?
In the rare occasion that class gets cancelled due to teacher illness or an emergency, students can make up the class anytime during the semester, or transfer a one-class credit to the next semester if need be. No refunds will be offered for teacher sick days.
Can I purchase the music we sing in class?
Current semester CDs, books, and download codes are available to purchase from teachers in class and on our website. To download music only, albums are available for purchase on Bandcamp.
Can I feed my baby in class?
Bottle or breastfeeding is fine of course but please keep the cheerios and squeezepacks for outside the classroom. :)