Little Folkies was founded by Irena Eide and Joshua Smith in 2009. Little Folkies is an award-winning music class created by mother, musician, teacher and songwriter Irena Eide.


Irena Eide

Irena has been teaching and developing the Little Folkies program and curriculum for the past decade. Irena has written over 46 popular folk and bluegrass songs for children, all featured in the classes and performances. She has performed and taught music to kids and adults in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade, and toured throughout the US. Irena still teaches on and off in the Bay Area and performs with The Little Folkies Family Band or solo depending on the gig. She always engages her audience both young and old with sing along songs, finger play, dance and just downright good music. Irena is also a songwriter and performs with her Americana, rock and bluegrass band Rainy Eyes.


Our awesome teachers


Kelly McFarling
Kelly McFarling is a favorite among the little folkies in her classes. She's got a beautiful voice, and is playful, peaceful and energetic. In addition to being a Little Folkies teacher she is also an acclaimed performer and songwriter and has traveled extensively across the country performing with her band. Visit to hear her music.


Sandy Lindop
Sandy was classically trained as a child, both in voice and piano, and while she still honors her classical background, she enjoys the freedom of musical expression that is found in jazz and folk. She performs locally with her group, The Muted Jewel Tones. Sandy is available for private piano and voice lessons for both children and adults as well as beginner ukulele and guitar.


Sarah Glass
Sarah began playing piano when she was just three years old, learning under the Suzuki method developed by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. Sarah plays harp, guitar, banjo, drums, ukulele, and sings!
She has worked musically with children all over the world, from India to South Africa to California. Sarah received degrees in Psychology & Music from Tufts University.


Sam Smetana
Sam is a gentle, sweet and playful soul. He grew up in the state of Montana, and started playing a little classical guitar when he was nine, listened to folk music with his parents most nights at the dinner table, and spent his teen years touring around the country in a rock band with some best friends. He studied music at UC Berkeley, and now spends his time teaching private guitar lessons, writing, recording, and performing.

thomas pic.jpg

Thomas Getty
 Thomas discovered his love for banjo playing and folk song singing upon moving to Berkeley. He began busking around the Bay Area, singing traditionals, old hymns, and folk songs from Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Little Folkies has provided him an opportunity to bring people together in song, creating space for wonder, play, creativity, and union.


Dave Pascoe
David Pascoe is a singer and multi-instrumentalist. As a fiddler and mandolinist, he has brought his explosive improvisational style to bluegrass groups such as The Good Bad and Bad Apple String Band, as well as multiple solo acts.  His newest project, Late for the Train, is a folk collaboration with singer and multi-instrumentalist Laura Benson.

Behind the scenes

Maryjane Wheeler

Maryjane is the manager of Little Folkies and is an all around lovely and most qualified person for the job. She was the studio manager at School of Rock Springfield and School of Rock West Broward for over four years, has a master's degree in music business, and loves kids, people and animals.

Little Folkies Teacher Workshops

Little Folkies Teacher Certification

If you want to teach the Little Folkies family classes, please let us know! We do a new teacher training twice a year. Email us at to sign up for the next teacher workshop and start a Little Folkies class in your neighborhood!



  • Must have a love for folk music.
  • Must play guitar, ukulele etc.
  • Experience and interest in working with kids and music.
  • Present, engaging, energetic, playful and tasteful.
  • Hard working and committed.

Little Folkies Teacher Licensing

Those who are interested in taking the training in order to use the program in their daycare or preschool can take the teacher certification program and pay a yearly license to teach the curriculum in preschools.



  • Must have a love for folk music.
  • Does not require playing an instrument.
  • Experience and interest in working with kids and music.
  • Present, engaging, energetic, playful and tasteful.


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